Thursday, January 21, 2016

Final for Journalism

   Reasons why I think school should start later and how teens would improve their skills in school, to become better students and successful though our high school years. To be well informed and ready for whatever comes our way.

 Q:   Why high schools students should be able to start later in the morning?
   Because high school students need to rest in order to do well in school. Due to getting up so early we don't want to pay attention or do anything so early in the morning. Teenagers need to rest and develop our brain activity so we can perform well and effective.


           Fact:  60% of high school students complained about being tired during the school day and 15% of the students say they fall asleep during school   A: We are tired due to going to bed late and having homework. I mean I personally go to bed at 10 and sometimes I am tried in the morning but I know I am fully rested and ready for my day.


 Q:Teens grades will improve with the more sleep they get at night?
A: Our grades would improve because we would be focused enough to think out our thoughts well and answer the question better than we would if we were to tried to.

Q:Also to not  be depression moods?
 A: We would all be happier and things that would bother us normally wouldn't if we had a second to think about how we should react.

    Q:Less likely to drive tried ?

A:To not get into accidents or make stupid choices to get  in one. Or speed to get to school in time for first period to possibly get stopped by a police officer. That teens are already predicted to get into car crashes and have to pay close attention to everything they do when they drive. So a result to driving tired is very bad and will get you in trouble.

 Q:Reduced the risk of obesity ?
A: Students wouldn't have to drink coffee or a sugar item to wake up in the morning. They could eat something healthy in the morning to have energy to get through their day at school. We will reply on junk food to keep us up and sugar that will hurt us in the long run to have health issues and maybe even die.


      The negative effects to starting school later can get tricky when you have to switch every school around.

 Q: Because if junior high and high school students starting later would make every school have to start later as well? A: I understand why but I agree little kids wake up early all the time and I don't think they would care or be affected as much as older people are. They have to or their parents make them go to bed so early so they can get a good night's rest and they always wake up rested.  Because they are always ready so ready and they also want to go but they know they have to wait. But if they went earlier they could go to school and play with friends and learn.

Q: Some teens would stay up later knowing they don't have to wake up early will not get enough sleep A:  But you can't control that because you're not at home with them to tell them to go to bed at night. Thats their parents job to do that every night. But we also just don't like getting up so early due to being lazy that we rather stay home and sleep. So teens end up missing school and they have to make up everything they missed.

                   Meet in the middle (personal)  

  To agree to disagree but to be able to understand why people like and dislike the idea they presented

  Personally I have a hard time getting up for  school in the morning at 6:30 am.  Because we are expected to get to school so early and I don't have that much energy in the morning. I think if  we discussed  starting later I could and everyone would  be more prepared and get up on time and be well rested to not fall asleep on my desk and give up the start of the school day.  Because I am never fully awake at the time I get up to be at school for 7:40. I am half asleep in first period and I yawn and all I want to do is put my head down on my desk and fall asleep. So my only solution to my problem is coffee to wake me up every morning. Also that isn't good for you in the morning to make you dehydrated and makes me feel funny and it can get expensive if you do everyday.  We really should try to create a time where we can all meet in the middle with this big issue teenagers are having.But that adults and staff don't see as an issue due to not wanting to try it or do it. The start time if I was in charge or had a say would be that we could start at around 8:30 or 9. Teenagers on average sleep 7 to 8 hours which is not enough sleep for me or the rest of us teens. We need as much sleep  as a baby does. But also sometimes I find myself not falling asleep because I am on my phone or texting.
                                                                 Flip side
    So I feel like as much as I push this issue maybe there isn't a problem and we can keep it the same. But we need to come to a compromise to this issue so it can be fixed. Not getting enough sleep at night affects everything and your whole day can go up in flames. You will fight with everyone over everything . Some teens don't have time for breakfast I know that happens to me because I am getting ready and I loose track of time and then I have leave so I won't be late. So I end up going to school hungry and then I can't focus on my school work and that is all I want to do is eat.
 These problems all lead up to not getting enough sleep because that is the most important thing in life other than eating and drinking but you should miss eating breakfast lunch or dinner. also eating healthy is a important to have good energy as well as being well rested. Because all we need as teenagers is sleep to grow and develop. Because we would all be lost without sleep.But maybe if we did start later nothing would change. It could be a reason to not go to school or only go for a little bit and end up leaving. So maybe it is a bad idea  but we won’t know if we don't try.


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