Thursday, January 21, 2016

Final for Journalism

   Reasons why I think school should start later and how teens would improve their skills in school, to become better students and successful though our high school years. To be well informed and ready for whatever comes our way.

 Q:   Why high schools students should be able to start later in the morning?
   Because high school students need to rest in order to do well in school. Due to getting up so early we don't want to pay attention or do anything so early in the morning. Teenagers need to rest and develop our brain activity so we can perform well and effective.


           Fact:  60% of high school students complained about being tired during the school day and 15% of the students say they fall asleep during school   A: We are tired due to going to bed late and having homework. I mean I personally go to bed at 10 and sometimes I am tried in the morning but I know I am fully rested and ready for my day.


 Q:Teens grades will improve with the more sleep they get at night?
A: Our grades would improve because we would be focused enough to think out our thoughts well and answer the question better than we would if we were to tried to.

Q:Also to not  be depression moods?
 A: We would all be happier and things that would bother us normally wouldn't if we had a second to think about how we should react.

    Q:Less likely to drive tried ?

A:To not get into accidents or make stupid choices to get  in one. Or speed to get to school in time for first period to possibly get stopped by a police officer. That teens are already predicted to get into car crashes and have to pay close attention to everything they do when they drive. So a result to driving tired is very bad and will get you in trouble.

 Q:Reduced the risk of obesity ?
A: Students wouldn't have to drink coffee or a sugar item to wake up in the morning. They could eat something healthy in the morning to have energy to get through their day at school. We will reply on junk food to keep us up and sugar that will hurt us in the long run to have health issues and maybe even die.


      The negative effects to starting school later can get tricky when you have to switch every school around.

 Q: Because if junior high and high school students starting later would make every school have to start later as well? A: I understand why but I agree little kids wake up early all the time and I don't think they would care or be affected as much as older people are. They have to or their parents make them go to bed so early so they can get a good night's rest and they always wake up rested.  Because they are always ready so ready and they also want to go but they know they have to wait. But if they went earlier they could go to school and play with friends and learn.

Q: Some teens would stay up later knowing they don't have to wake up early will not get enough sleep A:  But you can't control that because you're not at home with them to tell them to go to bed at night. Thats their parents job to do that every night. But we also just don't like getting up so early due to being lazy that we rather stay home and sleep. So teens end up missing school and they have to make up everything they missed.

                   Meet in the middle (personal)  

  To agree to disagree but to be able to understand why people like and dislike the idea they presented

  Personally I have a hard time getting up for  school in the morning at 6:30 am.  Because we are expected to get to school so early and I don't have that much energy in the morning. I think if  we discussed  starting later I could and everyone would  be more prepared and get up on time and be well rested to not fall asleep on my desk and give up the start of the school day.  Because I am never fully awake at the time I get up to be at school for 7:40. I am half asleep in first period and I yawn and all I want to do is put my head down on my desk and fall asleep. So my only solution to my problem is coffee to wake me up every morning. Also that isn't good for you in the morning to make you dehydrated and makes me feel funny and it can get expensive if you do everyday.  We really should try to create a time where we can all meet in the middle with this big issue teenagers are having.But that adults and staff don't see as an issue due to not wanting to try it or do it. The start time if I was in charge or had a say would be that we could start at around 8:30 or 9. Teenagers on average sleep 7 to 8 hours which is not enough sleep for me or the rest of us teens. We need as much sleep  as a baby does. But also sometimes I find myself not falling asleep because I am on my phone or texting.
                                                                 Flip side
    So I feel like as much as I push this issue maybe there isn't a problem and we can keep it the same. But we need to come to a compromise to this issue so it can be fixed. Not getting enough sleep at night affects everything and your whole day can go up in flames. You will fight with everyone over everything . Some teens don't have time for breakfast I know that happens to me because I am getting ready and I loose track of time and then I have leave so I won't be late. So I end up going to school hungry and then I can't focus on my school work and that is all I want to do is eat.
 These problems all lead up to not getting enough sleep because that is the most important thing in life other than eating and drinking but you should miss eating breakfast lunch or dinner. also eating healthy is a important to have good energy as well as being well rested. Because all we need as teenagers is sleep to grow and develop. Because we would all be lost without sleep.But maybe if we did start later nothing would change. It could be a reason to not go to school or only go for a little bit and end up leaving. So maybe it is a bad idea  but we won’t know if we don't try.


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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Spain Trip

   The morning of my new adventure in my life was changed forever by 8:45 am. Did I say no and not go? I will explain that later on. Before anything happened that would lead you to my choice is I went to school and got to first period gym where the phone call of a lifetime would help me ensure that I could do it. Not to make the choose for me  but to make up my mind and know i prepared for this moment and i could do it. My dad and I got to my house and my navy nautica suitcase was sitting waiting for  me in my room. Running and rushing around my room for last minute things to pack in my carry on. I was ready to walk out the doorway of my room and at that moment I was ready to conquer my fear inside me that was going on  for 2 days. I was starting my transition from a kid to adulthood. I was stepping up to the plate to go out of my comfort zone. Came down stairs all ready and said my goodbyes and was on my way to the airport.

I finally took a deep breath and made my decision to go to spain. It wasn't something I was too excited for in the beginning but I knew that maybe it would be a good one. That I could hold on to the memories I made there. At that moment there was nothing to hold me back. I was ready to face my fear head on.

 Listening to my music to drown out my nerves was something I had to do. I didn't know what to expect or know what would happen so I took each task step by step. Because I needed to grow up and become an adult and make choices for myself. It was a learning process for me during the airport journey knowing my parents weren't there to hold my hand and get me on the flight. Reality set in when my dad dropped me off at the airport and he said goodbye and drove away and i was all alone. I opened the door to the airport as everyone was rushing around and I stood there lost for a moment and the world stop and then I went on to what I had to do. I went to give the lady my heavy bag that I picked up with all my weight and suddenly they put in on a assembly line and it went behind a curtain. Then I had to find my gate. Basically I was in my own world for a moment.

Once I was settled and everything was great I had to get on my flight if I was scared I couldn't turn back and go home. I had to deal and handle my situation. Knowing that my brain said I couldn’t go it my heart was telling me that I can do it. So I went with my heart for the whole trip to make my fear slowly disappear.

  I finally got there was everything was written in spanish as I was walking out of the airport tunnel that they connect to the plane. I got to the end the time where my skills of dependence set it and were tested. I took a deep breath and knew I had be independent. The skills I learned from my parents was put to the test. And I was okay and I had to take a risk. I found my way through the airport in spain and found my sister. All i did was walk straight ahead and held my head up high and found her myself. Knowing I did not know a lot of spanish I just looked at the signs and got a sense of what they say. I walked through to get my bag at the baggage claim and my intent was to do all this by myself but I ended up asking for help because I couldn't find where to when I entered the country which airline I had to go though. But thank god I found someone that speaks a little english. I got to the end and found my sister and everything.

  I have so many memories and lessons I have learned a lot how I developed as an  adult. I would never change anything that happened or happened during my experience because everything was great and it had changed me forever.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Film review

  Tim-Smash-friday-night-lights-4541861-400-268.jpg (400×268)


  Netflix Tv series Friday Night Lights presents a football team was destroyed till coach Taylor changed all that by  being the best he can be.As they had a deicing at a board meeting to separate Dillon into east and west Dillon. That some players had to go to school in east instead of  Going from West Dillon to East Dillon . They were upset but they were forced to leave. A shattered and destroyed high school that had nothing going for them. With no money to support their athletic department. They were about to go under.

   Coach Eric Taylor went to East Dillon High after loosing his job coaching the West Dillon panthers. Panthers had it all. They won the state championship and they had a great coach beside them to be proud of. He worked them hard and made them earn positions they have on the team. Unfortunately he had to move his job else where to find a new football team to coach. He got a position as head coach in East Dillon for the lions. To start over somewhere new was what he was going to have to do.

  Eric Taylor was determined coming into his new job as head coach and expected a lot of his players but especially the star quarterback Vince Howard that he found himself. His background of coming in and out of jail and getting into fights his future was not going anywhere till he was dropped off by the police car and as he walked out of the police car to met his new coach Eric Taylor and he changed his life forever. He finally had someone to believe in him and someone to care for him and want the best for him. But to earn the quarter back spot because he was good enough for it.The police officer gave him a quick story about Vince Howard that ‘’he is very fast and he is quick’’ and coach says ‘’how would you like to be quarterback for the East Dillon Lions’’, ''Be at the field at 6 am for tryouts and no later'' Vince earned the position that really would change his life forever as he was the leader of this new team that was once going no where to the best team ever. How coach Taylor would never give up on any of his players.

    His  challenges became real when his wife Tami Taylor came from West Dillon because they fired her from being a guidance counselor due to giving a student advice about her personal life. So they moved her to the East Dillon to continue her job. She got close to his one girl who was struggle to get by in school and would get into fights and steal things. Tami Taylor took Epic under her wing and wanted to help her and change her to be a better person that she knew she could be. By feeding her lunch and telling her she needs to go to class. Tami would inspire her to be a better person and do the right thing. Because just like Eric Taylor Tami Taylor cares about her students the way Eric cares about his team. Throughout this Tv show she cares deeply about every student she helps and she inspires them to be better and they always do.She gives them the tools and they succeed.