Sunday, October 25, 2015

At the end of the path of the reservoir you can find some moss balls all around in the ground and a huge body of water. As the ground is blanketed by colorful leaves and one branch sticking up near the moss. As the clouds are still in the sky casting over a gray blue overlay. 

Walking though the woods to get to the Norton reservoir  I found a broken tree with a few branches of leaves on their vines. As the background shows a tree cut down with branches and leaves all over the ground covering it like a blanket. 

Phantom Farms is where I stumbled upon this  vintage tracker by walking through the apple fields , to get a good glimpse of it .  As the background to the foliage really captured the moment to get a picture. 
The small stream that can be found by the bridge in my  neighborhood, Usually by the fall season it gets surrounded by colorful leaves and twisting branches that land in the water. Tree are also found in the outskirts  of the area to bring in the sunshine in to  hit the water as the leaves fall in. 

This image can be found in the woods of Edgewater drive. As soon as you enter you need to take a look on the ground to find what I like to call a nature ball. This is filled with dirt and grass with leaves stuck in between it. All surrounded by  blanket of yellow leaves. 

The Quite pond  that can be found  on Power St in Norton, You can also find turtles and other creatures swimming around the quiet pond. 

photo journalism

The woods of Edgewater drive that is located in my neighborhood. The  area can be known as the bridge by people who live there. You can find this true with pretty fall leaves at edge of the rock wall of the bridge. The tree stands tall with others surrounding it with a vine of leaves rapping around it. 

Thursday, October 22, 2015


When people react to disconfirming evidence by strengthening their beliefs.

   Ex:   The very integrity of our "heroes" and the games they play is sometimes called into question.

Explanation: How if the hero we idolize does something bad we question everything the ever did

Exaggerated expectation
Based on the estimates, real-world evidence turns out to be less extreme than our expectations (conditionally inverse of the conservatism bias).

Ex: Tom Brady will suffer the same fate. While the lessons of telling the truth when confronted with the hard question: "Did you cheat?" have been lost on some.

Explanation:The evidence to back up if Tom Brady cheated or not can only be answered by him.Due to his wrongdoing during a football game. 

Expecting a member of a group to have certain characteristics without having actual information about that individual.

Ex: However, Brady's culpability in his encouraging Jim McNally, the Patriots locker room attendant, to make the balls lighter (he had previously complained that during a game against the Jets "the balls felt like bricks"), 

Explanation: How Tom Brady felt the need that the footballs were to hard and needed to be aired out. That he said ''the balls felt like bricks'' so he wanted them lighter. 

The tendency to overestimate one's ability to show restraint in the face of temptation.

Ex:  Tom Brady refused to cooperate with the investigation and that proved to be detrimental to his team.

 Explanation: Showing that he just didn't want to discuss it . To see later on that most football players do this and that now that he did this everyone is on hi about it. 

Excessive confidence in one's own answers to questions. For example, for certain types of questions, answers that people rate as "99% certain" turn out to be wrong 40% of the time.

Excessive confidence in one's own answers to questions. For example, for certain types of questions, answers that people rate as "99% certain" turn out to be wrong 40% of the time.

 Ex:  Add this to Mr. Brady's adamant public denial of knowing anything about the deflated balls [7] and the team's written point-by-point admonishment of the details of the official report, the fans and media are still unsure of what really happened and who to believe.

Explanation: That he knew what was going on and he just didn't want to get caught but he did. 

Horsager, David. "Cheating in Athletics: The Real Cost of (a Lack Of) Trust." The Huffington Post., n.d. Web. 22 Oct. 2015.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015



                                    Photojournalism Review


The photo taken by Nagi . As the members of Bail Marine police were going to release a  sea turtle at a beach in Kuta Bail in Indonesia.  Showing the process of how the police were going to release the turtle to the sea. The journey to get the turtle to be able to figure out how to get to the sea is up to him. The members that released him used a flashlight to show him the way.  To capture the fear in the sea turtle as it makes its way to the wild.

A photo was was taken by Arno Burgia of a bee collecting pollen from a sunflower. Really getting the whole process of how the bee goes about its task to get pollen. Showing it hoovering around to get every single last bit of pollen it needs. Then to see the bee calmly hoover to get ready to fly away with the pollen it collected.

Photo of a floating frog taken by Lane Turner captured a perfect image of a frog popping its head out of a swampy area. As his eyes are wide open in shock. To display that its hiding its body from the surface to stay protected. Kind of a camouflage type position to stay hidden only to see its eyes. 


Thursday, October 8, 2015

Question 2

   Modern education has taught us that all students need to be a ease and only they rewarded if the effort was put in their assignment they completed. Also to make learning stress free and let the student figure out what they want to do instead of making up assignments that they won't like. To see that education is important tool for being successful and do well in life. With an education there are so many things open for you. Effort really determines if you will get there and going to school everyday. That education is the greatest thing you can never have. Detailing the framework of being good at anything is education. Because being focused and ready to take on challenges and overcome assignments that are hard is what education and schooling is about. People who usually very successful with whatever education can earned is because they went to school. Modernizing the way you learn like visual or auditory and kinetic there are all types of learners. But everyone can learn in their own way and be successful. 

rehtorical distillation 5

 Illustrating in the Article ‘’End of Grades’’ Provides good examples on why grades should be gone for students. Because students tend to get stressed out when they have an assignment and they have to do well in order to get a good grade on it. Once you put a grade to an assignment it can become something that a student does not put in the effort and will do poorly on it. Most likely they do not   want to do it or doing it to get it over with. Also if the assignment is to long students will only read half and miss a major part of the assignment they had to do. The student can get caught up in trying to do it perfectly and forget that effort needs to be shown in order to do well on the assignment. Teachers will get the student everything they need to know about the project or paper and all the student cares about is will this be on the test. Not giving students the chance to take their time on the paper to put in   the best effort they can on it. When a student gets back a paper they should be feeling like the effort they put in was their best work. Students should be able to feel at ease with their grades and if there's a problem go to your teacher and figure out what you can do to improve. Grades can not really prove if you learned because if you did study for the test sometimes students can panic and forget everything once they get the test. That grading is not an accurate tool to see if a if they student really knows the material being taught in class.

 Author: Alfie Khon
Ethos: why grades should go away

Objectivity/bias: Subjectivity to grades and bias against having grades at school Sources/Support: The article ‘’end of grades. Supported by teachers and Alfie Kohn to end grades in school. Thesis: How grades can not measure how accurately know the material being taught. To really know if they learned it. 
Tone: Reflective tone on the author being highly opinionated about grades 

Opinion: I really do believe that grades should be gone due to stress and being overwhelmed about doing it well. That it can be a waste if you the article that is with the assignment is long that no one is going to read it though and really get the idea and being able to explain it well. Because you really can't know if someone learned the material or not just based on their grade unless their effort was not there. 



The Case Against Grades   Alfie Kohn." Alfie Kohn. N.p., 02 Nov. 2011. Web. 08 Oct. 2015.

rhetorical distillation 4

Depicting in the Article ‘’The Cognitive Benefits of Doodling’’ That outlines from an article published by the Journal Applied Psychology stated that drawing or doodling can release emotions and give you the chance to express yourself. Drawing can make you discover things that words can not tell you. Also gets you to learn new ideas and come up with designs that you never knew were. Images and pictures can take you to a whole new world. Applied that doodling can be used as a tool. A way to calm down is to draw and to take a break and just to focus on drawing and then go back to working. 

 Author/Credibility: Steven Heller, That doodling is good to be doingEthos: Doodling is a good way to express yourself and open new ideas. To use doodling as a tool in life. That drawing is a way to calm down and focus. Objective/Bias: The art and concept of doodling. Bias about how doodling is existent due to the creation of computers. The are taking over the old fashion way to draw called doodling.
Sources/Support: To support the concept of doodling to be beneficial  to the mind and to focus and take a break from what you were doing. Were published information from a journal entry.

Thesis: Proving that doodling is asserting doodling to be beneficial to people who need to express themselves without using words. 
Tone: Conventional and Serious

Opinion/Reflection: Doodling is a very good benefit to doodling and a way for people to express themselves.I believe that  Some people are better drawing or doodling then using their words to express feeling and emotion. To have people be able to express themselves how ever they want to. Artist people use doodling as a tool to help them demonstrate or present something so that it is understandable for people to see and learn from. I totally agree that doodling had benefits or people and some negatives. But I only see the good in doodling as a good resource to use. 


Heller, Steven. "The Cognitive Benefits of Doodling." The Atlantic. Atlantic Media Company, 09 July 2015. Web. 06 Oct. 2015

rhetorical distillation 3

 Depicting throughout the Article ‘’ When high school means a build -it yourself education’’ deliveries to a school in  Roseburg Oregon called Redmond high school Jon bullock introduces an idea that will modernize the way kids go to school. His idea was to build it yourself high school that was to give the students to chose the way they learn in the classroom. He called the idea ‘’Redmond Proficiency Academy’’. He did this due to seeing that some students were not challenged enough in their classes or just getting bored of the material being teached. To have this students could shape their education and learn the way they wanted to. Some kids in school are at the risk of dropping out and this choice will give them a chance to finish in order to graduate with their class. This program would be at their own pace and they can take time on assignments and personalize their learning style. The executive director Jon Bullock believes that if students pick their own classes and learning style that they will be successful. This will better the student and get them to succeed doing whatever they want to do in life.

 Author: Deborah Fallows

Ethos/ Credibility: That Jon bullock believes in RPA for students to be successful.

Objectivity/bias: the students learning the program but bias against a regular education

Source/Support: Rpa and the students were the support to this idea
Thesis: Inspirational and moving

Tone: Optimistic ,    pessimistic to the idea of regular  education

Opinion/ Reflection: I could go both ways on the two ideas. But I do like the choice and freedom to do what you want with the RPA program. To really get drops out into the program so they can be successful and graduate. That some kids really need that push to get where they need to be. RPA really does that. I think that it should be offered everywhere in schools all over the country. Because being able to chose your classes and what you do in them is great. If you give students the freedom to do what they want they will do it. Personalizing your learning style will make school fun and easier to manage everyday. To measure out everything on this program to find a good fit for you.


rhetorical distillation 2

Recalling In the Article called ‘’Rethink Homework’’ Reveals that teachers should not be assigned  homework. That if they were to that assignments should be spaced out through several days and not take the students an unreasonable amount of time to complete it. To get the student to learn from it instead of doing it just to get it over with. One of several effects to homework are that their relationship with their Parents is non existent due to having hours and hours of homework to do when they get home from school. Also to try to hang with friends and have a social life is out of the question with homework. Students should go home and chose what they want to do with their time instead of homework.  Also to be handling a sport of after school activity is nearly impossible. Noted by teachers figuring out with homework that some students can get frustrated with the assignment and just stop doing it or only complete half the assignments . To get student to fall into a pattern to  start   developing  bad grades and study habits for tests because they never could understand the concept. The  Author’s purpose for discussing  ‘’rethink homework’’ should be more of a learning experience than an  assignment that they have to do. Showing that  there is not many benefits  to how homework is being assigned and learned.  Alternative ways to learning assignments should be enforced. . Also if the students has more time on  that  one homework assignment it will just be done to finish and not well thought out if it was the only one they had to do that night. The struggle of keeping up with everything in order to do well is impossible with more than one homework assignment to do . The audience in the article ‘’Rethink Homework’ discussed throughout this article are teachers, students, administration and students parents.

   Author: Alfie Khon  Ethos/Credibility: That homework is not being assigned to teach the students what they learned in class. That teachers are not putting in enough effort in how every student learns differently and that they need to think of an alternative way to teach.  

 Objectivity/Bias: How teachers are just piling on homework instead of giving the students tools for being successful. That kids are just getting way too much homework and not enough time to complete it. But has a sub objective way of thinking that he believes is right and everyone else is wrong.  

 Sources/Support: Getting assignments after assignment sand the student is not learning anything from it because they don't understand it. The parents are trying to support and help as much as they can.  

Thesis: Strong and got to the point     

Tone: That the Students are getting frustrated with homework. Parents are feeling like they are the bad guy for asking their children to stop doing homework so they can spend time with them during the evening.  

Opinion: I agree that students are getting too much homework and get overwhelmed with it. Teachers need to take into consideration that we have lives and we like to do things after school rather than homework. Sometimes the assignment can get hard and you end up not finishing it because you get so stressed out and all you want to do is walk away from it . Because we just want to leave school without homework. That homework should be a teachable moment not something that we have to do because we will fail if we don’t. That it should relate to something in daily life. That it should be a hands on worksheet that maybe could teach us something for the real world. Also to not take hours and hours to do it should minutes worth of work. So that we can go out into the world and use what we learned in school to do daily tasks that we need to do .

"Rethinking Homework - Alfie Kohn." Alfie Kohn. N.p., 02 Feb. 2007. Web. 04 Oct. 2015.

rhetorical distillation 1

In the Article ‘’Green Spaces That Makes Kids Smarter ‘’By, Ogla Khazan claims throughout the article that demonstrates   and highlights  the idea of her research. During her viewings of a school in Long Beach was that a fifth of the students had asthma. She was determined to change that. She noticed from her findings that is was  from 500 trucks that  went by the school every hour. That the result of  road traffic that the trucks gave off a rubbery smell from the diesel particles. That the children were breathing in during the school day. That contained  more than a  normal amount of carbon. How she determined  the findings of  how she supports her thesis about the children that she found had asthma ,  creating  tests  about what she has studied  and uncovered throughout her research. She learns that one of the leading factors linked to asthma is air pollution exposure. Leading up to her research she proves that nature is good for your mental health attention and mood in both children and adults. Moving on from a school in Long Beach that had the same problem in a different part of the world . The study at  a children's school in Barcelona was introduced by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that suggests about green spaces can improve the protecting of the child and their brains from air pollution.  In order to really go in with research to protect the kids from harmful pollutants and figure out a solution was what she was determined to do. Because every kid deserves to be safe at school and improve so they can learn and be successful. They were  speaking to children,  professional researchers  around the world. To really show that she believes in the power of nature is the best medicine for anyone at any age for your health.

          Author/Credibility: Olga Khazan they way she can present the way of learning to connect it with nature.How she really believed that nature can impact the kids way of thinking and learning.
           Ethos: The idea that nature is a good for your mental health for kids and adults to boost their attention and focus to improve in school to succeed. but to see that nature is the best medicine for learning.

Objectivity/Bias: The way she presents nature as a learning tool in the kid’s  way of seeing how much it helps them  in school. That having class in the woods is not reasonable place to teach but that the environmental regulations have to be met.

Sources/Support: sources were that she went through a series of number and word tests. she supported her claims with facts that she researched throughout the process.

Tone: a serious inspiring

Thesis: How she believes that nature can improve mental health in kids that are learning at school and adults as well.

Opinion/Reflection: The explanations throughout the article she was making about nature really got me to believe that nature is the best medicine for anyone. That children should be more exposed to the outdoors during school hours. To just breath in some fresh air and forget about the stress of school for a moment. Kids need to unwind by playing outdoors and going on adventures. I do believe that it does improve your attention and memory because you are calm and focused on what you are doing.Nature what i feel is best for kids. That you should have a class outside to be experiencing the good ol outdoors. And be hands on with nature at its finest. To be safe and protected while you are outdoors.


Khazan, Olga M. "Green Spaces Make Kids Smarter." The Atlantic. Atlantic Media Company, 16 June 2015. Web. 04 Oct. 2015