Friday, September 25, 2015

Fashion Journalism- The Wrap Queen

The Wrap Queen

            Fall is rapidly approaching and new trends begin to emerge on the runways. Diane Von Furstenerg was part of an elite group of important fashion designers at the New York Fashion Week held this month. Her runway collection featured colorful prints that included mixtures of flowers, vines, polka dots, and abstract patterns. I predict that prints will be a strong fashion trend in stores this fall. Prints are an easy way to transition from summer to fall weather. The clothing is warmer than tank tops and sun dresses while keeping a summer airy look but covering more skin. Kendall Jenner was chosen opened the show wearing a simple white wrap dress with a black belt. The look was elegant, timeless, and stunning as she walked with confidence and showed off her inner Diane.  

            CNN explains that Diane is "Most famous for the often duplicated wrap-dress style she introduced in the 1970's"(NPR). This wrap dress is timeless because it was designed over 40 years ago and is still relevant and popular today. The Wrap is timeless because it looks good on all body types and can be dressed up and down depending on the situation and accessories. The design is simple but it can still be interesting with different prints, colors, and lengths. Diane explains,  "It's a dress that was practical and pretty and sexy"(NPR). Many celebrities including Kate Middleton, Paris Hilton, Miranda Kerr, Kim Karadasian, Mitchell Obama and Eva Longoria have worn the wrap dress.  The early design of the wrap dress was made of a causal jersey material. It was not an expensive dress but had a unique pattern and interesting cut. Not much has changed with the design today other then material and print. 

            Diane is a fashion designer, icon, and businesswoman. She also encourages her models and all young women to embrace their style and wear what they want. Her signature dress symbolizes power and strength when it’s worn in the office, bus or walking through the supermarket. This dress along with other pieces in her collection is for the every day power women.

            Diane sums up her 2015 Fall collection from fashion week with an inspiring message. "This show is called Fortuna," Diane says. "It's a celebration of beauty. It's a celebration of nature. It's a celebration of freedom, but it's also a celebration of individuality”(DVF) Her uplifting attitude inspired me to wear what I want. I feel more confident to express myself through my clothes and feel a freedom to mix and match different fabrics and prints. She inspires me not only in a style sense but also to be an independent and strong woman. During an interview she revealed that she influenced one of her models to face her fears and not let them overpower her. Diane tells the reporter that later she showed her arm that now had a tattoo on it of that idea. She was inspired to be herself, show her inner beauty and let her individuality shine. Diane is a positive thinker that inspires beauty and empowerment of women through her fashion. She wants everyone to leave her show feeling free and ready to take on the world.


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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

pet peeves


                                                        Pet Peeves 

My pet peeves are-
1. Chewing with your mouth open:  Because it is disgusting to see and hear what others are eating.
2. Littering: Because it's rude and not good for the environment.
3. Wrinkled paper: Because it doesn't look neat.
4. When i get help when i don't need it: because it makes me feel stupid.
5. When people hover over my shoulder: It makes me feel like your watching my every move and its awkward.
6. When people wear revealing clothing: It makes me uncomfortable
7. When people don't say thank you: Its rude and it makes the person feel acknowledged
8. When someone drives really slow in front of you: Its annoying and I just want tot get where i need to go
9. When people ask me about college: Because I will never be in the mood to talk about it with anyone.
10. When someone takes my phone: Because its mine personal property and people should not look through it.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Peer Profile

What I have discovered about my teacher Dr.Kefor is that his favorite color is blue and grey because every color you mix with blue i always see the color grey in it. His favorite class to teach is '' classes that students want to learn and are curious '' Dr. Kefor went to college at Massachusetts art and design to get his major in education and  double majored in fine art there.  then he attended Fitch burg state receiving his masters in education and consecration in English. Next he went to Northeastern University to get his degree in education and physiology . His dogs name is Kofi why he named his dog kofi is because ''its a solid good name to yell when he is faraway from me in the woods''.  He uses his dog for hunting in the woods His favorite movies are the goonies and the never ending story.  What Dr.Kefor likes to do outside of school is read, draw ''i have a blog on drawing that you should look at'' and hang out with his kids and take photos. Also he really likes the outdoors.