Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Film review

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  Netflix Tv series Friday Night Lights presents a football team was destroyed till coach Taylor changed all that by  being the best he can be.As they had a deicing at a board meeting to separate Dillon into east and west Dillon. That some players had to go to school in east instead of  Going from West Dillon to East Dillon . They were upset but they were forced to leave. A shattered and destroyed high school that had nothing going for them. With no money to support their athletic department. They were about to go under.

   Coach Eric Taylor went to East Dillon High after loosing his job coaching the West Dillon panthers. Panthers had it all. They won the state championship and they had a great coach beside them to be proud of. He worked them hard and made them earn positions they have on the team. Unfortunately he had to move his job else where to find a new football team to coach. He got a position as head coach in East Dillon for the lions. To start over somewhere new was what he was going to have to do.

  Eric Taylor was determined coming into his new job as head coach and expected a lot of his players but especially the star quarterback Vince Howard that he found himself. His background of coming in and out of jail and getting into fights his future was not going anywhere till he was dropped off by the police car and as he walked out of the police car to met his new coach Eric Taylor and he changed his life forever. He finally had someone to believe in him and someone to care for him and want the best for him. But to earn the quarter back spot because he was good enough for it.The police officer gave him a quick story about Vince Howard that ‘’he is very fast and he is quick’’ and coach says ‘’how would you like to be quarterback for the East Dillon Lions’’, ''Be at the field at 6 am for tryouts and no later'' Vince earned the position that really would change his life forever as he was the leader of this new team that was once going no where to the best team ever. How coach Taylor would never give up on any of his players.

    His  challenges became real when his wife Tami Taylor came from West Dillon because they fired her from being a guidance counselor due to giving a student advice about her personal life. So they moved her to the East Dillon to continue her job. She got close to his one girl who was struggle to get by in school and would get into fights and steal things. Tami Taylor took Epic under her wing and wanted to help her and change her to be a better person that she knew she could be. By feeding her lunch and telling her she needs to go to class. Tami would inspire her to be a better person and do the right thing. Because just like Eric Taylor Tami Taylor cares about her students the way Eric cares about his team. Throughout this Tv show she cares deeply about every student she helps and she inspires them to be better and they always do.She gives them the tools and they succeed.  


  1. This Netflix series sounds very interesting!

    1. it really is you can connect with it well and feel the emotions they feel. Hard to like at first but i loved it once I watched it.

  2. This sounds great! I love the detail you put into this!