Thursday, November 5, 2015

Motivation in Journalism Unit

                                                        The Movie

 Everyone is motivated to do something each and everyday of your life. In the film ‘’Freakonomics’’there are students in the high school that are failing every class and thinking about dropping out of high school before it even ends.  The teachers come up with a way to motivation program  that requires  to get a C or better in every class for a month. At the end of every month they got a 50 dollar reward  and their name is put into a raffle to maybe get 500 dollars. Every student that was failing went into this program. But the one thing they had to promise to get the money was to get a C or better in every class. Now for someone who always does well doesn't have a problem with this will do great and will maybe get better than a C.  But students that fail classes and struggle this is a big step for them and all of their focus must be to their schoolwork  and brought homework to do. Their goal was to get this reward and money to be proud of themselves  and to graduate from high school so their  parents will be proud of them. But to see in the student that they want it as bad as all the other students want it. To know they have to earn it by doing what they have to and and get help as much as possible. Because their main goal is to get that 50  dollars and feel accomplished. But if you don't do well or get help on things then you won't get it. But that will make you try harder to get it next month to pull back and work hard on school work do homework and get that 50 dollars. Because any student that is being motivated I believe that they will have success. Putting your mind to something and work into it that you will get the reward at the end. Don't lose hope if one month you do not get it. That just means you put in all the effort you can so you can make the cut next month.  To not lose that motivation to push harder and harder so that you will make it.

                                              The Book

During the book by Daniel Pink ‘’The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us’’  shows us an image of how money and focus will motivate you. A study in the book that was presented to M.I.T students were asked to solve puzzles and number problems. One group had an incentive to get a reward for the student who did the best; and the other group was presented the puzzles without an incentive and just expected to do it They did this and it showed though the results that the group without the incentive did better and wanted to showed that they wanted to be  challenged. That without the incisive they put in more effort than the group with the incentive. That you get the worse result from the people on top. That they forget that the people on the bottom actually put more effort than them. So the outcome of all of this is that people are unmotivated do better with whatever you give them.

                                The Video

The video called ‘’Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us’’ is based on the idea that people who are motivated with an award will end up doing the work. But the people who aren't motivated will do a better job; knowing that it is hard and they need to do well. To put the motivator out there for them to know it because something they finished quickly and end up doing poorly will not be okay. During the video he explains people who do poorly on things and they don't get noticed; but the people do did well or so they think get noticed. But actually the people who do poorly usually; end up improving or keep working hard it till they understand it. Because they were not motivated with an incentive that they had to work hard at it. Throughout the video he explains that you need to fail in order to succeed at something. Winners always start as failures before they success. To really have to work at something; and really want to do it right even if you fail the first time. To see that people will be winners and losers when unmotivated or; motivated they really are.

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